Mama & Mini Me Galaxy Lava Bracelet CKSF

  • $15.00

Lava and Glass Crystal Bracelet 

These are handmade, designed and named by my 9 year old Grace.

The Galaxy bracelet is breathtaking- you can wear them with any color! With every move you will sparkle! It has so many colors delicately chosen to go together. 


  50% of all sales goes to Christian Kids School Fund that we have set up for kids or parents that would like to send their kids to a private Christian school but are not able to afford it. 

Comes in Sizes:

Mini Me- Fits 6.5 inch wrist or smaller

Mama- up to 8 inch wrist

Add essential oils to the lava or charms to the bracelet! 

Note: Natural stones so bracelets may vary slightly.